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Benjamin Franklin’s Secret of Success

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benfranklin When Ben Franklin was struggling as a small printer in Philadelphia and in debt he realized he was but an ordinary man with average abilities.  His creative mind started to consider what he would need to acquire to create successful living.  He developed a plan to help implement what  principles he felt would be needed for this style of life.  His practical program of action is a simple method that anyone could use.

He chose 13 subjects and put a time element in place to practice only one principle at a time for an entire week.  In this way he was able to practice intensely each element of his list 4 times a year. Consistency is the Key.

The life work of Benjamin Franklin speaks for itself but at seventy-nine years old he wrote in his autobiography more about this one thing than anything else in his entire life, 15 pages.  He states how it was responsible for all his success and happiness throughout his life.  He concluded by saying: “I hope, therefore, that some of my descendants may follow the example and reap the benefit.”

When I read that I was amazed.  Here, in a nutshell, is Benjamin Franklin’s key to success.  In a very easy to understand format.  You can see it below.

Why Don’t We Apply It?

Why doesn’t everyone just gobble this stuff up and start applying it in their own lives?  Here is one of the greatest forefathers we have in our history and he has spelled out what helped him in all of his successes in his life.  Why aren’t they on everybody’s roof like the lightening rod is?  The reason is they don’t do you any good if you don’t apply the effort and consistency it takes to implement the process in your daily activities.   The lightening rod works whether you want it to or not.  You don’t have to do anything except install it.  Maybe we should try to produce a microchip and try installing it in people and it will just — work.   Well they would have to come get it.   What I am trying to say here is it takes some effort to produce results – even bad ones — just usually not as much effort.

If you haven’t read Benjamin Franklins Autobiography – get it and read it. Here it is for $.99 you can’t beat that. Well OK you have to pay shipping but it will be a couple of dollars. The book is well worth the $3.00 or $4.00 it will cost you – believe me. Its a great book. Get It – Read It – Apply It.

The Twelve Principle’s Plus One

Franklin’s Thirteen Subjects.  By the way – it was originally twelve until one of his friends told him he was missing one.  Franklin thought about what his friend had said was missing  and then added #13.  He states in his autobiography that above all other principle’s the principle of humility was the hardest one to work.  He felt as if he had made some improvements but struggled throughout his life with this principle.   The funny thing about humility is once you think you have it — you have just lost it.

1.  Temperance

2.  Silence

3.  Order

4.  Resolution

5.  Frugality

6.  Industry

7.  Sincerity

8.  Justice

9.  Moderation

10.  Cleanliness

11.  Tranquility

12.  Chastity

13.  Humility

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